INCODE – a British Womenswear Brand created by a Fashion Designer Ekaterina Kostareva. We focus on creating classic, timeless designs that represent a great balance between fashion trends, wearability & ethics. INCODE garments are effortless and chic and can be worn casually or styled up for a special occasion.


Signature garment – organic slogan t-shirts with a positive fun message.

INCODE is never about fast fashion. We believe in garments that easily transfer from season to season and are made to last. We aim to encourage our customers to focus on quality, rather than quantity, when it comes to fashion.

Quality is our key focus, as well as sustainable approach to sourcing fabrics and production. We use organic cotton material which is a more sustainable alternative to resource-intensive conventional cotton. It is cultivated without chemicals or GMOs, and enhances the fertility of the soil it’s grown in. Organic, eco-friendly and small scale production these are the philosophies we follow.

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