The Hidden Geometry

INCODE Autumn Winter 2018 collection is inspired by Japanese aesthetics, influenced by renowned designers Ray Kawakubo, Yohji Yamamoto and Issey Miyake. It appeals to the sensual East and the beauty of simple things.

“I started from researching Issey Miyake archives, published in both English and Japanese hieroglyphs”, says Kate, a brand creator. “I couldn’t stop but notice how graphic hieroglyphs were, but at the same time so fluid and elegant. The book was full of archive pictures of formless loose clothes with references to Japanese cut Issey Miyake is so famous for. This made me explore further how Japanese designers work from fabric as a starting point and let it dictate the silhouette, rather than pattern cut shapes we are more used to on the West.” This approach inspired her on creating “The Hidden Geometry” collection.

Geometrical simple forms are in the center of this collection with an emphasis on the plastic and texture of the fabric that allows to create in order to flatter female shape. The collection is light and comfortable with an abundance use of jersey, boucle and silk that are soft and pleasant to the touch textiles. Main colors are ashes of a rose, ivory, concrete grey and black.